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            Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd.(abbreviated as “ASCF”),It is a high-tech corporation which based on the application of aeronautic research result. And it is a public company with a military enterprise background. The NO.2 research institute of China Aerospace science & industry corp. (CASIC) is the majority shareholder of ASCF.

            The business scope of ASCF is including medical device, medical informatization, integrated digital operating room solution, laminar flow operating room project, safety city project, smart city project, security control of large-scale event, emergency and counter-terrorism. The border defense, policing informatization, information safety, safety in production and other business areas.

            ASCF has undertaken and accomplished the security control system of Beijing Olympics Games and Shanghai World Expo. ASCF is granted the honorary title of “Beijing Olympics Games advanced group” and “Shanghai World Expo advanced group” by the CPC Central Committee and State Council.

            ASCF is the first cooperation in China medical industry passed and approved by the ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality standard. It has become one of the most famous medical device manufacture in China. It has been appointed and supported by the Chinese government as a key industrial production bases of medical device. It is a designated supplier for Chinese government and Chinese military procurement. It is granted the honorary title of “National consumers most satisfied company ”.

            ASCF is the first company in China that developing and manufacturing anesthesia machine and ventilator, With the developing of this enterprise, it started to produce surgical table and light, ceiling-mounted pendant from 2004. In 2008 the laminar flow operating room project was launched. The integrated digital operating room was developed since 2010. After years of effort, ASCF became an operation room medical device and integrated digital operating room solution provider.

            ASCF based on aeronautics technology. ASCF acquired experience from wide range of clinical practice of experts. It built a well-known brand in Chinese medical device industry.