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            Development System

            Aerospace Changfeng has a take on the task, the first-class specialized knowledge, rich practical experience in technical personnel and business management personnel of scientific research and production in the aerospace, defense, computer, medical equipment, medical purification for operation room and operation room digital integration etc. Hold the light mechanical and electrical integration, digital control, computer simulation, precision manufacturing and other core technical and scientific research strength, take the national development and Reform Commission, the State Ministry of Science and Technology, National Defense Science and Industry Committee, the PLA General Armament Department commissioned a number of National Defense and National key projects and tasks, won the prize home level scientific and technological progress 13 items, the National Key Science and Technology major achievement award 1 item, National Technology Innovation excellent project award 1 item , the National Defense Science and Industry Committee of major achievement award 20 , items. the aerospace industry, a number of system science and technology progress award 100 items.

            Aerospace Changfeng and the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (PLAGH)(301),Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) etc. the large hospital established long-term strategic cooperative relations, the medical experts of clinical experience and wisdom into the design concept and functions of products.

            Aerospace Changfeng attaches great importance to the safety and reliability of aerospace quality carry forward to the traditional product.

            Aerospace Changfeng closely follow the development trend of the times, in the global technical cooperation, will continue to put the international new technology applied to products innovation.

            Good work environment and open way of working to make the company brings together a large number of PhD, master high level of R & D personnel to build a better future.

            Aerospace Changfeng undertake national project:

            The national high technology research and development program (863 Program)

            The national science and technology support program

            Beijing science and technology plan

            National Defense Science and Industry Bureau of military and civilian technology promotion special items