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            Design Concept

            Aerospace Changfeng set more than 20 years of anesthesia equipment R & D and production experience, the clinical medical experts and experience and wisdom into the product design concept, the innovation of Aerospace high technology and international new technology applied to products. ACM659 anesthesia workstations used in line with the appearance and interface of man-machine engineering design, through the design language refined highlight product technical sense and sense of the times. In anesthesia ventilator, anesthesia breathing circuit and electronic flowmeter and key components such as the information of a breakthrough, the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced, the leading domestic level.

            Function characteristics

            The ICU quality Anesthesia ventilator

            Meet the anesthesia patients in different age groups with ICU treatment of ventilator quality high-end anesthesia ventilator. Large touch screen and color - HD display anesthesia workstations and anesthesia patients information. The multiple bidirectional pressure difference and the thermal mass flow sensor to realize bidirectional synchronous monitoring, fully meet the needs of clinical anesthesia from neonatal to adult.

            Rich ventilation mode (VC, PC, PRVC) and intelligent parameters, minimize the man-machine confrontation, improved patient ventilation comfort and safety effectively.

            The respiratory parameters, pulmonary function, respiratory waveform ring monitoring, fully reflect the ventilation index in the course of anesthesia.

            Different change through voice, text, color constructed anesthesia coexist in patients with the equipment of intelligent safety alarm system.

            The innovation type respiratory airflow push auxiliary circuit

            The innovation type respiratory airflow push auxiliary circuit revolutionary subversion of the traditional bellows driven principle, very suitable for the need of neonatal patients, pulmonary lesions patients and elderly patients who need the precise control of respiratory flow operation.

            Breathing circuit, modular design with full mold production guarantee high product consistency.

            Breathing circuit made of special polymer materials can be the whole of high temperature and high pressure disinfection, effectively avoid the cross infection between patients.

            The built-in automatic bypass function, support the replacement of Soda Lime in surgery.

            The automatic temperature control heating technology, automatic removal of various types of water vapor generated in the circuit, improves the circuit monitoring precision.

            High precision electronic mixing flow meter and pressure monitoring system

            From the high pressure gas source end to end of patients using pressure sensor to realize the dynamic monitoring; through a number of solenoid valves to realize programmable regulating different gas switch and a variety of linkage of gas; control flow proportional valve with flow sensor on the realization of various gas flow accurate feedback control.

            The automatic adjustment, fresh total gas flow rate and oxygen concentration and flow rate.

            The automatic display of flow working mode and balance gas species.

            Automatically display the main source and auxiliary air pressure.

            Safety standby mechanical flowmeter.

            Advanced gas monitoring module

            With the Swedish PHASEIN gas monitoring module gas monitoring system of the world synchronization option leading international, can automatically identify and monitor five anesthetic gases, NO2, MAC value, CO2 and paramagnetic oxygen concentration.

            The modular plug-in cassette design, plug and play convenient and reliable.

            The digital and waveform display clear.

            Structure design of humanization

            The anesthesia clinical medical experts experience and wisdom into the product design concept through design language refined, through the function zoning of scientific and reasonable improve anesthesia doctor operation in the process of work efficiency, highlighting the product sense of the times and the sense of science and technology.

            The streamlined structure design, the entire mold production, ensure consistent product quality.

            The perfect combination of telescopic writing bedplate and 3 large capacity drawer, so that whole smart yet practical.

            The highly integrated circuit design and module plug-in combination, maximize to prevent the cable winding.

            The intimate expansion slots and binding groove for users to upgrade or extension device provides a convenient.