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            Busines overview

            Smart City refers to building a smart environment for urban development in a way that works on the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures, and authentication and security platforms and projects by making the most of the Internet of Things and Sensor Networks, thus forming a brand new, future-oriented urban form. In Smart City, Changfeng is involved in the business areas related to overall planning, overall design and project implementation based on the Internet, cloud computing and intelligent analysis; the implementation of subsystems such as public security, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart City Administration and Intelligent Transportation; and taking the lead in starting the planning and design work of “Smart City” nationwide, A video surveillance system is a very important part of Smart City and Safety City, It integral part for Implementation the data center or equipment room public security system, for implementing comprehensive administration of public order. The video surveillance supports deployment of surveillance sites in various data center or equipment key areas such as door, classroom, key units, main streets, and can transfer live surveillance videos to data center or equipment management departments, which effectively improves the public security management capability.

            Changfeng with the main accomplishments as follows:

            ● Overall planning and design project of Wuhan i-City

            ● Implementation and overall planning project of “Hangzhou i-City”

            ● Planning and design project of the key areas of Xiangyang i-City

            ● Government procurement project of “Intelligent Haidian Project Management Unit”

            ● Top-level design project of “Intelligent Fengtai”

            ● Top-level planning and design project of “Intelligent Chaoyang”

            ● Implementation project of City Alarm and Monitoring & Intelligent Transportation Management Platform of Zunyi

            ● Integrated Monitoring and Management System project of Air Force Engineering University of Xi’an

            ●Informationization Implementation project of Shenyang Intelligent Transportation Management Center

            ● Zhuji I-Location project

            ● Quzhou Smart Safety Supervision project

            ● Integrated service platform project of Luoyang Traffic Police(CCTV video surveillance and intelligent traffic system)

            ● Demonstration project of Yongding Road I-Location(CCTV video surveillance system)